Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brian Dettmer - THE BOOK SURGEON fucking brilliant xoxoxo

Dettmer is originally from Chicago, where he studied at Columbia College. He currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA.

Dettmer’s work has been exhibited and collected throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe. He has had solo shows in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta and Barcelona and has had projects exhibited in Mexico City, Berlin and London. He has been represented at several international art fairs including Pulse (Miami), MACO (Mexico City), ARCO (Madrid), Scope (London, Miami), Art Chicago (Chicago) and many others.

He is currently represented by Kinz + Tillou Fine Art in New York, Packer Schopf in Chicago, MiTO Gallery in Barcelona, Toomey Tourell in San Francisco and Saltworks in Atlanta. Dettmer’s work has been exhibited Internationally in several museums, universities and art centers including the Museum of Art and Design (NY), Museum of Contemporary Art (GA), the International Museum of Surgical Science (IL), Museum Rijswijh (Netherlands), Wellcome Collection (England) the Bellevue Arts Museum (WA), The Kohler Arts Center (WI), and the Illinois State Museum (IL). His work can be found in several private and public collections throughout the U.S, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Dettmer’s work has gained International acclaim through internet bloggers, and traditional media. His bibliography includes The New York Times, The Guardian, Chicago Tribune, AJC, Modern Painters, Wired, The Village Voice, Harper’s, Time Out, The San Francisco Chronicle, and National Public Radio among several others.

Monday, April 11, 2011

fort building and Cuby houses who can deny themselves this,


If you deny then don't ever look at my blog again ;O!
When I was a nanny it was the first thing I would do with my kids.
As a child i would beg to do it, or just truck on and make one myself,
As an adult I still have spaces and rooms like this it's very important xoxoxo


Autochrome Lumière technique

The Autochrome Lumière is an early color photography process. Patented in 1903[1] by the Lumière brothers in France and first marketed in 1907,[2] it was the principal color photography process in use before the advent of subtractive color film in the mid-1930s.
Here are some ( no less than STUNNING) examples for you all xoxo you have earnt it c;

oh and Sabine and Katie i think you guys will like this so for you with love xoxo


Macramé or macrame is a form of textile-making using knotting rather than weaving or knitting. Its primary knots are the square knot and forms of "hitching": full hitch and double half hitches. It was long crafted by sailors, especially in elaborate or ornamental knotting forms, to decorate anything from knife handles to bottles to parts of ships.

Cavandoli macramé is a variety of macramé used to form geometric patterns and free-form patterns like weaving. The Cavandoli style is done mainly in a single knot, the double half-hitch knot. Reverse half hitches are sometimes used to maintain balance when working left and right halves of a balanced piece.

............................clearly we all need to be getting onto this my darling xo

Vintage Dior. OH MY SOUL

the Venus ball gown 1949.

Afternoon cocktail gown 1955

Junon gown 1949

Ernie Kovack's Nairobi Trio


Rose Chan................

Dancer Rose Chan writhes in a snake “costume” that has stirred up a furor in Penang, Malaya. Her costume is mostly grease paint striped over her body, which is clothed only in a Bikini bathing suit. The Malayan government has been asked to ban her costume and sexy dance, which Rose claims is “art” copied from dances in U.S. movies. She’s five feet, five inches tall and measures 36-24-36½.
so Gatorade babe XO

I Wanna Be A Minstrel Man (1934)


"Money" - Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey

LIZA YOU ARE FUN FUN FUN love you glamors nut job ahahah
KATIE KATIE i dedicate this to yo babe xoxox

mugshots, vintage syle ahaha I like these I want a collection for my new house!!

ACTUALLY YES FUCK THIS .............. ahahahahah i just burned them onto a disk and am going to get them printed into posters now ta ta xoxoxo