Wednesday, November 30, 2011

marianne faithfull continued (poems below) xoxo

for the record I have loved her since I was 16 and bought the wrond book at a book store...... that turned out to be her bio. SO GOOD xoxoxo

“Never apologize, Marianne Faithfull "never explain - didn't we always say that? Well, I haven't and I don't.”

“The morning sun touched lightly on the eyes of Lucy Jordan In a white suburban bedroom in a white suburban town As she lay there 'neath the covers dreaming of a thousand lovers Till the world turned to orange and the room went spinning round.

At the age of thirty-seven she realised she'd never Ride through Paris in a sports car with the warm wind in her hair. So she let the phone keep ringing and she sat there softly singing Little nursery rhymes she'd memorised in her daddy's easy chair.

Her husband, he's off to work and the kids are off to school, And there are, oh, so many ways for her to spend the day. She could clean the house for hours or rearrange the flowers Or run naked through the shady street screaming all the way.

At the age of thirty-seven she realised she'd never Ride through Paris in a sports car with the warm wind in her hair So she let the phone keep ringing as she sat there softly singing Pretty nursery rhymes she'd memorised in her daddy's easy chair.

The evening sun touched gently on the eyes of Lucy Jordan On the roof top where she climbed when all the laughter grew too loud And she bowed and curtsied to the man who reached and offered her his hand, And he led her down to the long white car that waited past the crowd.

At the age of thirty-seven she knew she'd found forever As she rode along through Paris with the warm wind in her hair”

Marianne Faithfull

wheel'n and deal'n ( thats the story/vibe I have created with these images ) xoxo

Anny Ondra - Die vom Rummelplatz 4

Ben quilty - redo ......I salute you thats why xo

With miss beautiful Olley after he won the ARCHIBALD xoxox

"smashed" self

"the Joey burger" portrait of his son as he could not bring himself to do a "cliché potrait of you own child"

I think I have blogged about Mr ben before ages ago when I was lucky enough to error" attened one of his exhibitions.
I just am in awe of his work and his truth. The thick almot food like sludges of his paintings, and blended lushious colours make my eye testicals so happy, it's just such a raw insight to this mans mind and class creativity. Quilty is known for his exploration of young male angst in his artwork, so the chance to live and work alongside soldiers at war was too good to miss. (His latest series!!)
Dabbling in completely smashed up cars, heavy metal, taking photos of his friends when they are blind crunk to the point of humiliation and then taking pictures and painting thier portraits! live spray painting shows.rawshack paintings............... you would expect the out come of art works from the "young" male phyci to be hideous yest they are trully sensitive and beautfiul.......;looking at these moment of weakness and wondering why we do these thing to ourselfs and documenting them.
Absolutley my number 1 modern artist xoxoxo


(take a lookat his web site)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Valley of the Dolls - Jacqueline susann

Jacqueline susann and her husban Irving.

Jacqueline susann.

(the character Neely from the movie)

MY FAVOURITE BOOK !!!! ahahah I considered whether to share this with you and then I decided one must not be selfish and one should share with others. xoxoxo I could not put this book down at first I was a bit stand off-issh, "oh no it might be a bit outdated" yet ..... Sex and drugs and shlock and more -- Jacqueline Susann's addictively entertaining trash classic about three showbiz girls clawing their way to the top and hitting bottom in New York City has it all. Though it's inspired by Susann's experience as a mid-century Broadway starlet who came heartbreakingly close to making it, but did not, and despite its reputation as THE roman √° clef of the go-go 1960s, the novel turned out to be weirdly predictive of 1990s post-punk, post-feminist, post "riot grrrl" culture.

Jackie Susann may not be a writer for the ages, but -- alas! -- she's still a writer for our times.
I read it in two days. I loved it.

Jacqueline Susann to me is a beautiful nut I am currently reading her biography"lovely me" She is an old theater performer and t.v personality then finally a writter. She also wrote " the love machine"... hilarious and good.

Jacqueline Susann I SALUTE YOU SO MUCH c;

Valley of the Dolls (1967)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

image I salute you, part 4 summer 2011 xoxox

nice pad xo

bad bad boy's.