Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Babe Fart Barber Shop - My Styling

The shop in this shoot is actually the front of my house. The two lovely ladies in the shoot with me are my two best friends Erin and Katie (they will be on this blog a lot I am sure) I styled this shoot for a sixties barber shop kind of vibe.
The red dress that Katie is wearing is from Shappere ON Chapel street in Windsor for only 15 dollars! and I love the matching tie.
The dress that Erin is wearing is and original sixties bell sleeved frock from Fat Helen's on Chapel st Prahran. I had to take it up and in as it had a sack feel about it.
The dress that I am wearing is from the red cross thrift store in Oakleigh and was only 6 dolla! So good it reminds me of the Jetsons. and the little bloomers I am wearing underneath are also from a thrift store...granny pants, you gotta love them.
The socks Katie has on are from a sex store in Kings Cross, Sydney for 15 dollars and my socks are from a school uniforn outlet 3 dollars and shoes - op shop the red cross in Elsternwick.

Scraggy Mole Costume and Stylist Shoot

So much fun. I think we laughed the whole time - it was the most fun shoot to date. Had not been able to sleep that's how much I wanted to do this shoot and started planning the week before. Pics were taken on the week end of 16th of may 2010. Love it xo
Erin is wearing a target fitted flannel and a pair of skinny jeans I got from the thrift store.
Katie is wearing blue flannel from thrift store and her own skinny jeans...dig the flower detail in her hair ahahahahah.
I am wearing a denim Gap top that I scored from an thrift store in Elsternwick for four dollars and have my bra hanging out = scraggy mole xoxoxox

My Art from the year of 2010 (already going too quickly)

Some of my collage work from April this year. I love to cut and paste and if I see a pile of national geographic... OH MY GOD, HELP ME XO ahahah snip snip snip x

These are the four paintings I did for my production group - The Cost of Horror "Kinderspiel" exhibition this year at the Owl and the Pussy Cat gallery in Richmond Victoria xo In the theme of "the hand less maiden" a Grimm's Fairy tale.

Self portrait.Acrylic.

A Deer Vengeance - hopefully my brother Blake will get this tattooed!

Ink sketch for the next tattoo I am dying to get

Midnight bird - for my sister Fiona x

the Moth Catcher collage April 2010

Victorian Love Costume Shoot May 2010.

I styled this one as well. With my best friend Erin. Took the photos in our lounge room at the start of may 2010.

Old dressing gowns from op-shop (thrift store)

Underneath - white corsets.

Fake pearls.

Large floor length, mesh, layered skirts .

Love these ones - lots of fun.

The Vintage Dancer Shoot. April 2010

I made the top out of fresh roses and black satin ribbons.

The bottom cape is an old velvet curtain.

The sparkle pants are from a sex store in Kings Cross, Sydney.