Friday, December 24, 2010

Amazing old book covers xo

the best ones are the bottom two by far, good titles ahahah.

Old school Indian film posters. xo

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Japanese Coq.................don't be so disgusting ahahaha nice tail xo

divine - you think you're a man

Divine (October 19, 1945 – March 7, 1988), born Harris Glenn Milstead, was an American actor, singer and drag queen. Described by People magazine as the "Drag Queen of the Century," Divine often performed female roles in both cinema and theater and also appeared in women's wear in musical performances. Even so, he considered himself to be a character actor and performed male roles in a number of his later films. He was often associated with independent filmmaker John Waters and starred in ten of Waters's films, usually in a leading role. Concurrent with his acting career, he also had a successful career as a disco singer during the 1980s, at one point being described as "the most successful and in-demand disco performer in the world."

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, into a conservative family, he became involved with John Waters and his acting troupe, the Dreamlanders, in the mid-1960s and starred in a number of Waters's early films such as Mondo Trasho, Multiple Maniacs, Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble. These films have since become cult classics. In the 1970s, Milstead made the transition to theater and appeared in a number of productions, including Women Behind Bars and The Neon Woman, while continuing to star in such films as Polyester, Lust in the Dust and Hairspray.

"I don't consider writing a quiet, closet act.
I consider it a real physical act.
When I'm home writing on the typewriter, I go crazy.
I move like a monkey.
I've wet myself, I've come in my pants writing."

--Patti Smith

Perfect Moon by Patti Smith

perfect moon
I am calling
perfect moon
clad impure
I approach
your naked neck
perfect moon

perfect moon
I am with you
perfect moon
I adore
to thy great
I am yours
perfect moon

Ravi Shankar Playing Sandhya Raag And Asaad Khaan On Veena

I now have three of his records ahahahah.
He was one of the first classically trained sitar composure's to compose both pop and classical pieces that the western world really took notice of.
He also happens to be Nora Jone's father...........i don't think she likes him very much ? maybe now? hmmmmmmmmmmmm? enjoy... boing boing boing xoxoxo
As a musician/ composer i love him and I can relaly visualise all the movements and stories with in his pieces

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sanfran 1967 - summer of love..........BRING IT BACK xo

The Summer of Love was a social phenomenon that occurred during summer of 1967, when as many as 100,000 people converged on the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco, creating a cultural and political rebellion. While hippies also gathered in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and across Europe, San Francisco was the center of the hippie revolution, a melting pot of music, psychoactive drugs, sexual freedom, creative expression, and politics. The Summer of Love became a defining moment of the 1960s, as the hippie counterculture movement came into public awareness.This unprecedented gathering of young people is often considered to have been a social experiment, because of alternative lifestyles that became common, both during the summer itself and during subsequent years. These lifestyles included communal living; the free and communal sharing of resources, often among total strangers; and free love.

Ironically, the summer of 1967 also saw some of the worst violence in US cities in the country's history — this was because of the race riots that occurred in places such as Detroit and Newark. This aspect of the summer of 1967 is often called "The Long, Hot Summer". The cause of this violence is generally attributed to racial discrimination against African-Americans and the frustration and anger it inspired in Blacks.

Triffids - Beautiful Waste (1984)

Not only is it the year I was born, but absolutely one of my top 5 songs. Love them xo


Hauntingly beautiful It is hard to believe that these images are real, And i hope to bare witness to them myself one day.

Auroras are beautiful, mysterious lights seen in the night sky most often in a spiral or a fall.
They appear to be caused by the sun Jets/heavy streams of electrified particles speed toward the earth - between 6 & 600 miles above the earth. Then the solar particles strike the gas particles in our earth atmosphere which causes them to glow and vibrate.

Auroras are seen most n the far north and south, as the solar particles towards the earths poles
as they enter the earths magnetic field.

A drapery Aurora is one of the Loveliest types. In some Auroras, colours can be even more spectacular.
Different gasses in our atmosphere give of different light and colours when struck by solar radiation.
For example - Oxygen = green or red lights
Nitrogen = blues.
And so forth. whoo!

It's like something out of "fantasia' so so so fucking surreal xo

Dormice. To cute can't function.

Dormice are usually found in Europe. Their name is derived from the French "dormice" meaning -"to sleep", and it's it their habit of spending cold winter months in a deep sleep. They store up fat in their bodies during Autumn and lay a good supply of food in their nest should they actually arise from their deep slumbers - with tails over head that has made them famous............they wake in spring time SO CUTE xoxox

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sphincter by Allen Ginsberg

I hope my good old asshole holds out
60 years it's been mostly OK
Tho in Bolivia a fissure operation
survived the altiplano hospital--
a little blood, no polyps, occasionally
a small hemorrhoid
active, eager, receptive to phallus
coke bottle, candle, carrot
banana & fingers -
Now AIDS makes it shy, but still
eager to serve -
out with the dumps, in with the condom'd
orgasmic friend -
still rubbery muscular,
unashamed wide open for joy
But another 20 years who knows,
old folks got troubles everywhere -
necks, prostates, stomachs, joints--
Hope the old hole stays young
till death, relax

Groovy dance clip from "Village Of The Giants" [1965]

so so so much fun, care to dance with a poor soul?? DANCE WITH MEEEEEEEEEE xo

Alice In Wonderland - 1903 silent film. (un-restored version)

YAY. xo

Ménilmontant 1926 Avant garde French Silent Film Classic

ugh! don't deny yourself PRETTY ox

nice photo/black and white xo

no particular theme, I just love these images and always come back to them, I have them all in a special folder, so time to share!!!! xoxoxo


no particular theme, I just love these images and always come back to them, I have them all in a special folder, so time to share!!!! xoxoxo