Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hauntingly beautiful It is hard to believe that these images are real, And i hope to bare witness to them myself one day.

Auroras are beautiful, mysterious lights seen in the night sky most often in a spiral or a fall.
They appear to be caused by the sun Jets/heavy streams of electrified particles speed toward the earth - between 6 & 600 miles above the earth. Then the solar particles strike the gas particles in our earth atmosphere which causes them to glow and vibrate.

Auroras are seen most n the far north and south, as the solar particles towards the earths poles
as they enter the earths magnetic field.

A drapery Aurora is one of the Loveliest types. In some Auroras, colours can be even more spectacular.
Different gasses in our atmosphere give of different light and colours when struck by solar radiation.
For example - Oxygen = green or red lights
Nitrogen = blues.
And so forth. whoo!

It's like something out of "fantasia' so so so fucking surreal xo

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