Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lord Stompy.

This is Lord Stompy one of Australia's musical, poetic and entrainment treasures.
Mastering 1920's blues, sea shanties, punk, gypsy,and old time jazz to entertain the masses at his many gigs (he has a spot at the crown and anchor every Friday from 5:30pm-8:30pm Adelaide) He also has c.d out with his own creations......."Individuality just say no."And is about to release album no. 2, "Cold Water Dream.” in a few months. YAY.
He is a Delicious poet at heart, clearly has a very strong natural and beautiful relationship with all things musical, playing and mastering a broad range of instruments including his vocal skills.If we could ever possibly take a peek inside our lords mind we would see how strong the desire is to have "it's" tentacles in every creative pie. He hosts and created an open mic night at the Pharaoh every second Sunday, "The recovery position"(the next one being this Sunday the 12th of Dec) were he has created a wonderful rad smokey den of dreams for the old and new creative souls to air their inhibitions, with love and support. supportive Lord as well.
Get on board an support him, like he supports and celebrates all forms of creative energy/forms of life.

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