Tuesday, October 25, 2011

While these incredible shoes were not worn by the Wicked Witch of the West, she probably would have loved them. Labeled “The Livingston Shoe,” these bronzed leather lace-up beauties came from Charleston shoe retailer, Walter Francis Livingston (1874-1946). He opened his store at 366 King Street in 1896 and these probably date to right around then. They have long, shallow pointed toes, curvaceous Louis heels and high front lacing over a tongue lined in lamb’s wool.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

gatorade record cover time xo...... this post really could have gone on FOREVER

Cate Parr - water colours

fashion illustrator born and educated in. England. Currently living in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.
Water colours are her main medium to work in capturing ethereal fleeting and vulnerable qualities of fashion imagery.

Jim Lambie’s Floor Installations.

Zobop is made with lengths of industrial vinyl tape applied in concentric bands that take their form from the perimeter of the architectural space.

chicken tits............

I don't always eat cookies, but when I do..

Paris-Texas peep booth scene

Rose cape rose head

Oscar Wilde


by: Oscar Wilde

      E caught the tread of dancing feet,
      We loitered down the moonlit street,
      And stopped beneath the harlot's house.
      Inside, above the din and fray,
      We heard the loud musicians play
      The "Treues Liebes Herz" of Strauss.
      Like strange mechanical grotesques,
      Making fantastic arabesques,
      The shadows raced across the blind.
      We watched the ghostly dancers spin
      To sound of horn and violin,
      Like black leaves wheeling in the wind.
      Like wire-pulled automatons,
      Slim silhouetted skeletons
      Went sidling through the slow quadrille.
      The took each other by the hand,
      And danced a stately saraband;
      Their laughter echoed thin and shrill.
      Sometimes a clockwork puppet pressed
      A phantom lover to her breast,
      Sometimes they seemed to try to sing.
      Sometimes a horrible marionette
      Came out, and smoked its cigarette
      Upon the steps like a live thing.
      Then, turning to my love, I said,
      "The dead are dancing with the dead,
      The dust is whirling with the dust."
      But she--she heard the violin,
      And left my side, and entered in:
      Love passed into the house of lust.
      Then suddenly the tune went false,
      The dancers wearied of the waltz,
      The shadows ceased to wheel and whirl.
      And down the long and silent street,
      The dawn, with silver-sandalled feet,
      Crept like a frightened girl.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"I never believed that U2 wanted to save the whales. I don't believe that The Beastie Boys are ready to lay it down for Tibet."

Iggy Pop - Sixteen

Lady dame mick Jagger .... I salute you

on of my most Loved Morrison Poems xo

Well I used to know someone fair

She had orange ribbons in her hair

She was such a trip

She was hardly there

But I loved her

Just the same.

There was rain in our window,

The FM set was ragged

But she could talk, yeah,

We learned to speak

And one year

has gone by

Such a long long road to seek it

All we did was break and freak it

We had all

That lovers ever had

We just blew it

And I'm not sad

Well I'm mad

And I'm bad

And two years

have gone by

Now her world was bright orange

And the fire glowed

And her friend had a baby

And she lived with us

Yeah, we broke through the window

Yeah, we knocked on the door

Her phone would not answer,Yeah,

but she's still home

Now her father has passed over

& her sister is a star

& her mother smokes diamonds

& she sleeps out in the car

Yeah, but she rememebers Chicago

The musicians & guitars

& grass by the lake& people who laugh'd

& made her poor heart ache

Now we live down in the valley

We work out on the farm
We climb up to the mountains

& everything's fine

& I'm still here

& you're still there

& we're still around

Leee Black Childers and Angela Bowie Interview on Videowave -- July 1994

“I like kissing and the perfumed flavour of nipples, their fullness and pampered erection when touched. I am a hedonist, a pleasure lover, at home in the courts of cool, jousting or playing croquet or regaling the company with tales of adventure and conquest. I thrive in the barrios of the baroque, bizarre and burlesque - I am Bisexual.” - Angela Bowie

Angela Bowie a sack full of sass.!!!!

(her lecture on Bisexuality xo)

According to Stardust: The David Bowie Story, once in college, Angela jumped out of a 4th story window in the college building and wasn't injured, -
She may not have been much (to some) on the eye if we think about all the famous groupies back then, but she more than made up for that with her fierce and well rounded personality.

All footage I have seen of her she seems to have a tounge like a whip smothered in charmed honey, every oone like her.

She met musician David Bowie in London, England in 1969, at the age of 19. According to David Bowie, they met through their mutual friendship with Chinese-American record executive Dr. Calvin Mark Lee.She married Bowie one year later, on 19 March 1970 at Bromley Register Office in Beckenham Lane, Kent. Duncan Jones is their son.
David Bowie wrote the songs "The Prettiest Star" and "Golden Years" about her. (Angela appears in the D.A. Pennebaker concert film Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture; in a backstage sequence, David calls her by the name "Star".) She often accompanied him on his international concert tours, which included North America, Japan and Europe. In 1973, she appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show, hosted by Johnny Carson on 16 November 1973 alongside Dinah Shore, Joan Rivers and Ashley Montagu.[ Angela also performed on The Mike Douglas Show in early 1975She auditioned for the leading role in what dates show to have been the ABC-TV telefilm Wonder Woman which aired on 12 March 1974 and starred Cathy Lee Crosby (not as often reported for the later television series Wonder Woman, which eventually went to Lynda Carter). Newsweek reported in their 11 February 1974 issue that she apparently lost the part because of her refusal to wear a bra. She also modelled for photographer Terry O'Neill and others, often under the name Jipp Jones.
Angela has often been rumoured to be the inspiration for the Rolling Stones 1973 hit "Angie" from the album Goat's Head Soup, however Mick Jagger has dispelled these tales. He was quoted as saying: "People began to say that song was written about David Bowie's wife but the truth is that Keith [Richards] wrote the title. He said, 'Angie.' And I think it was to do with his daughter. She's called Angela. And then I just wrote the rest of it." Writing, film work and musical releases
Angela has written two autobiographies, Free Spirit (1981, including samples of the author's poetry) as well as the bestseller, Backstage Passes: Life On the Wild Side with David Bowie, published in 1993 and updated in 2000. It detailed her alleged drug-fueled and openly bisexual lifestyle with her former husband and many other well-known musicians.
In addition to appearing as herself in the above-mentioned Ziggy Stardust film (1973) and Glitter Goddess of Sunset Strip (1991), her film work includes credited acting roles in at least four films: Eat the Rich (1987, as "Henry's wife"), Demented (1994), Deadrockstar (2002, as "Bartender") and La Funcionaria Asesina (a.k.a. The Slayer Bureaucrat, 2009, as "Helen Price/Constance").
A CD maxi-single, "The World Is Changing" (six mixes, including prominent vocal support by Dabonda Simmons and all credited to Angela Bowie as composer with various co-composers including David Padilla, Morgan Lekcirt, Tom Reich, Jim Durban and D.J. Trance and published by Angela Bowie Music) appeared in 1996 on the New York label Warlock Records (distributed in Europe through Music Avenue on the Nite Blue label). The cover featured a logo of the Bowie name clearly modelled on the one seen on her former husband's Let's Dance releases. An album, Moon Goddess, on Subterraneans' was released on the London-based record label The Electric Label in 2002. The UK release of the album contained a duet with Subterraneans' vocalist Jude Rawlins on a version of the Rolling Stones song "The Last Time". She is currently working on her second album, Fancy Footwork.
Fictional portrayals
The movie Velvet Goldmine was loosely based on her life with David Bowie. She was fictionalized as a character named "Mandy", portrayed by Toni Collette.[13]

On 30 May 1971, David and Angie Bowie had a son they named Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones. Zowie later preferred to be known as Joe or Joey, although now he has reverted to the name Duncan Jones.
Angie and David Bowie separated after eight years of marriage and divorced on 8 February 1980, in Switzerland. She later called it "a marriage of convenience" for both, and settled for £300,000. She had already begun a long-term relationship with punk musician Drew Blood (real name Andrew Lipka), and on 24 July 1980 gave birth to their daughter, Stacia Larranna Celeste Lipka, in Mendocino, California.

I want that T-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!

Bebe with little LIV!!!

To me she is what the character Penny lane from almost famous is based on not Pamela Des Barres - I think Bebe has a bit more sass and brains to her.
And of course she is Liv Tylers Mumma

Bebe Buell is a former model and Playboy Playmate who dated several rock stars in the 1970s. She began modeling at the age of 17 and moved from her hometown of Portsmouth, Virginia, to New York City. Shortly after moving to New York, she met rock star Todd Rundgren. At the time she was living in a women's home run by nuns. Bebe and Todd began dating (she says she lost her virginity to him), moved in together, and ended up living together for six years. Although she and Todd were in a steady relationship, they both dated other people while they were living together.

Her rock star lovers during the 1970s have included Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. When Bebe posed nude for Playboy in 1974 she was one of the first fashion models to become a Playboy Playmate, but her nude layout resulted in her being fired by the prestigious Ford modeling agency. She continued to model but became better known in the entertainment industry as a popular girlfriend of many rock stars. When Bebe's daughter Liv Tyler was born in 1977, Rundgren was named as the father. Todd and Bebe broke up around this time, and Bebe moved on to other rock stars such as Stiv Bators of The Dead Boys and Rod Stewart.

In 1978 Bebe began a passionate but volatile affair with Elvis Costello, who was married at the time. The relationship ended within a year when Elvis decided to go back to his wife. By the 1980s Bebe was living in Maine and attempted to become a rock star by fronting the bands The B-Sides and The Gargoyles. Although the bands released records, none were hits.

When Liv was 11 she found out her father was really Steven Tyler, not Rundgren. Bebe has said in interviews that she didn't want to tell Liv who her real father was because of Tyler's severe drug addiction at the time, and she thought he would be an unsuitable father. Rundgren had known that he was not Liv's biological father but kept the secret in order to give Liv some semblance of a stable home life. When the truth came out, it put a strain on the relationship between Todd and Bebe.However, Liv and Steven were able to form a family bond and are reportedly very close. Liv also changed her last name from Rundgren to Tyler.In the 1990s Bebe moved back to New York, became Liv's manager and helped launch her daughter's successful modeling and acting career.

Although she is no longer Liv's manager, she still remains close to her. In 1992 Bebe married for the first time, to musician Coyote Shivers, a much younger man. However, the marriage ended in 1998, and their divorce became final in 1999. Bebe, who is now married to musician Jim Wallerstein, splits her time between her homes in New York and Portland, Maine. She performs occasionally in nightclubs as a solo act. Her autobiography, "Rebel Heart: An American Rock and Roll Journey", was published in 2001.

BEBE I SALUTE YOU sassy sassy minx xoxo

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Putting together outfits - it i cant afford them I will dream about how I could wear them!!!!

this necklace with

these finger nails and......

this top then .......

these shorts

and finish with these shoes - makes my 1st out fit xoxoxoxo


this 50's style frock with

these two toned stockings and.....

these shoes.

OUT FIT NUMBER 3 yay xoxo

these rad cats eye rings with ....

this 60's inspired mimi dress and ......

these wonderful inside out vien stockings

and these killer shoes! xo

Out fit NUMBER 4

lovely google eyed kitty jumper with.............

crushed velver high wasted knickers!!! and ......

candy srtiped tights underneath then........

crushed velvet to die for shoes YAY xoxoxo