Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I want that T-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!

Bebe with little LIV!!!

To me she is what the character Penny lane from almost famous is based on not Pamela Des Barres - I think Bebe has a bit more sass and brains to her.
And of course she is Liv Tylers Mumma

Bebe Buell is a former model and Playboy Playmate who dated several rock stars in the 1970s. She began modeling at the age of 17 and moved from her hometown of Portsmouth, Virginia, to New York City. Shortly after moving to New York, she met rock star Todd Rundgren. At the time she was living in a women's home run by nuns. Bebe and Todd began dating (she says she lost her virginity to him), moved in together, and ended up living together for six years. Although she and Todd were in a steady relationship, they both dated other people while they were living together.

Her rock star lovers during the 1970s have included Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. When Bebe posed nude for Playboy in 1974 she was one of the first fashion models to become a Playboy Playmate, but her nude layout resulted in her being fired by the prestigious Ford modeling agency. She continued to model but became better known in the entertainment industry as a popular girlfriend of many rock stars. When Bebe's daughter Liv Tyler was born in 1977, Rundgren was named as the father. Todd and Bebe broke up around this time, and Bebe moved on to other rock stars such as Stiv Bators of The Dead Boys and Rod Stewart.

In 1978 Bebe began a passionate but volatile affair with Elvis Costello, who was married at the time. The relationship ended within a year when Elvis decided to go back to his wife. By the 1980s Bebe was living in Maine and attempted to become a rock star by fronting the bands The B-Sides and The Gargoyles. Although the bands released records, none were hits.

When Liv was 11 she found out her father was really Steven Tyler, not Rundgren. Bebe has said in interviews that she didn't want to tell Liv who her real father was because of Tyler's severe drug addiction at the time, and she thought he would be an unsuitable father. Rundgren had known that he was not Liv's biological father but kept the secret in order to give Liv some semblance of a stable home life. When the truth came out, it put a strain on the relationship between Todd and Bebe.However, Liv and Steven were able to form a family bond and are reportedly very close. Liv also changed her last name from Rundgren to Tyler.In the 1990s Bebe moved back to New York, became Liv's manager and helped launch her daughter's successful modeling and acting career.

Although she is no longer Liv's manager, she still remains close to her. In 1992 Bebe married for the first time, to musician Coyote Shivers, a much younger man. However, the marriage ended in 1998, and their divorce became final in 1999. Bebe, who is now married to musician Jim Wallerstein, splits her time between her homes in New York and Portland, Maine. She performs occasionally in nightclubs as a solo act. Her autobiography, "Rebel Heart: An American Rock and Roll Journey", was published in 2001.

BEBE I SALUTE YOU sassy sassy minx xoxo

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