Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Art from the year of 2010 (already going too quickly)

Some of my collage work from April this year. I love to cut and paste and if I see a pile of national geographic... OH MY GOD, HELP ME XO ahahah snip snip snip x

These are the four paintings I did for my production group - The Cost of Horror "Kinderspiel" exhibition this year at the Owl and the Pussy Cat gallery in Richmond Victoria xo In the theme of "the hand less maiden" a Grimm's Fairy tale.

Self portrait.Acrylic.

A Deer Vengeance - hopefully my brother Blake will get this tattooed!

Ink sketch for the next tattoo I am dying to get

Midnight bird - for my sister Fiona x

the Moth Catcher collage April 2010

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