Monday, November 28, 2011

Valley of the Dolls - Jacqueline susann

Jacqueline susann and her husban Irving.

Jacqueline susann.

(the character Neely from the movie)

MY FAVOURITE BOOK !!!! ahahah I considered whether to share this with you and then I decided one must not be selfish and one should share with others. xoxoxo I could not put this book down at first I was a bit stand off-issh, "oh no it might be a bit outdated" yet ..... Sex and drugs and shlock and more -- Jacqueline Susann's addictively entertaining trash classic about three showbiz girls clawing their way to the top and hitting bottom in New York City has it all. Though it's inspired by Susann's experience as a mid-century Broadway starlet who came heartbreakingly close to making it, but did not, and despite its reputation as THE roman รก clef of the go-go 1960s, the novel turned out to be weirdly predictive of 1990s post-punk, post-feminist, post "riot grrrl" culture.

Jackie Susann may not be a writer for the ages, but -- alas! -- she's still a writer for our times.
I read it in two days. I loved it.

Jacqueline Susann to me is a beautiful nut I am currently reading her biography"lovely me" She is an old theater performer and t.v personality then finally a writter. She also wrote " the love machine"... hilarious and good.

Jacqueline Susann I SALUTE YOU SO MUCH c;

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