Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ben quilty - redo ......I salute you thats why xo

With miss beautiful Olley after he won the ARCHIBALD xoxox

"smashed" self

"the Joey burger" portrait of his son as he could not bring himself to do a "cliché potrait of you own child"

I think I have blogged about Mr ben before ages ago when I was lucky enough to error" attened one of his exhibitions.
I just am in awe of his work and his truth. The thick almot food like sludges of his paintings, and blended lushious colours make my eye testicals so happy, it's just such a raw insight to this mans mind and class creativity. Quilty is known for his exploration of young male angst in his artwork, so the chance to live and work alongside soldiers at war was too good to miss. (His latest series!!)
Dabbling in completely smashed up cars, heavy metal, taking photos of his friends when they are blind crunk to the point of humiliation and then taking pictures and painting thier portraits! live spray painting shows.rawshack paintings............... you would expect the out come of art works from the "young" male phyci to be hideous yest they are trully sensitive and beautfiul.......;looking at these moment of weakness and wondering why we do these thing to ourselfs and documenting them.
Absolutley my number 1 modern artist xoxoxo


(take a lookat his web site)

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