Monday, June 21, 2010

New art works for June 2010 - yay good graces xo

Lord Stompy - blobby juice Cinzano eighties style ahahaha xo

crow - sketch idea for a new water colour. Her shawl shall be made of feathers xo

Mr Nick Willson - flat mate and dear dear friend indeed x grey -lead portrait x

Mr Jake xo grey-lead portrait.

grey lead portrait of my best soul mumma Katie Tarpey "trapy" mumma jugs xo

portrait of my Lord Stompy sleeping...let me explain I did not get to finish because my phone rang and woke him up and he was grumpy blobby (which I secretly adore) so I made him green like the hulk ahahahahaha xo

water colour portrait of my house mate and my dearest friend Miss Erin hall xoxo

New acrylic painting- not finished (yes once again) I like where it's going however xo

Acrylic painting - I like her I must say. there is blue glitter very subtly through all the paint too ahaha who could resist! xo

vixen and nester-framed water color with ink

bunny nymph - a bit scratchy, it's just an idea so far -water colour with ink.

Seksi Truckers -water color i did when i was last up in Adelaide and Stompy was busking x

Anchor lass -framed water colour with ink completed last evening x

quilted floating - framed water color with ink, completed last evening x

New pieces I have done over the past two weeks.....
Framed water colours, acrylic paintings, grey-lead portraits of my dearest most loved.
(if you are not here, rest assured MANY MANY more are on the way! xoxo)
I hope you enjoy as much as I am beginning, testing and trying new things xoxox
miss grace

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