Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Caitlin Hackett - goodness me all these talented women!!

Caitlin Hackett's bizarre and beautiful animal artworks are exploring the relationship between humans and animals, and our "human denial of our animal nature". Basically, she's interested in our obsession with being the dominant species.

From the artist herself: "I invent creatures, anthropomorphic, mutated, or pseudo mythical in imagery, using my imaginary world and bringing it into the physical world in an attempt to create a language that speaks about the human animal relationship and the natural and unnatural elements of it."

The human/animal hybrids, the personification of animals and the way some of her subjects wear a kind of costume all delve deeply into our perceptions of ourselves and our animal friends. Hackett's artworks are in some ways traditional, but in others kind of rebellious. Whatever, her ballpoint pen, pencil and ink creations are worth eyeballing.

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