Sunday, August 14, 2011

La lune a un mètre - Melies (1898)

( the moon at arms length)

Pretty pretty rad and lovely and delicious ALL OF IT! I love the moon I am surrounded by moon hearted loves and people I am very luck indeed! there for thank you moon and I share this with you all xoxox

La lune à un mètre(The Moon at One Meter)Also known as The Astronomer’s Dream; or, The Man in the Moon in the USA : [An Astronomer’s Dream](1898) FrenchB&W : Short filmDirected by Georges Méliès
Cast: [?] Georges Méliès?
Méliès Star-Film production. / Produced by Georges Méliès. /35mm spherical format / Frazer reel numbers 160-162
Survival Status: Print exists.

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