Thursday, June 30, 2011

Artist - Linnea Strid

From Stockholm, Sweden Linnea creates detailed and realistic oil on canvas/plywood paintings. Her hyper realistic style leaves me breathless, and play like a photo image on the minds eye . Most notably, is her ability to paint splashes and pools of water with an extraordinary level of realism and believability.
She received her training from Gävle Konstskola and Falkenbergs Konstskola. She has exhibited all over Sweden including a recent show at Galleri Kocks in Stockholm.Linnea has also participated in group shows across Spain and participated in several international competitions.

She is truly modern realism at it's best, I personally just love the presence of water, and the spirit of the water with in her art. Whether it be a splash a drop or a deep pool of liquid.
A truly beautiful and gifted young woman indeed! xoxoxoxo

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