Thursday, September 8, 2011

Go Girl Gadget Go Go ! AMAZING WOMEN

Go Girl Gadget Go Go!
these stunnig hoochie-mamas who dance magic for the pleasure of men and women all across Australia, are absolutely one of Melbourne's very own up and coming wonder acts SO RARE THESE DAYS!
They are definitely classic go go girls down to the very core radiating the true spirit of the 1960's go go goddess, I have had the pleasure of seeing them preform and when I could manage to take my eyes off them on stage and take a peep at the rest of the crowd it was a mass of jaw slack awe and Google eye lust and a lot of wolf whistling going on! SO MUCH FUN.

On Australia Day in January of 2011 the Go Go Girls traveled to Sydney for an extra special show with the talented and amazing Amanda Palmer, EVEN Amanda Palmer saw these women and understood the power in thier hips swings and kicks!

I SALUTE YOU beautiful women you are a muse to me xoxo, head out to see them if you dare have you eye balls shimmied out of there minds and your brains be-dazzled out sanity for the want of lust desire in the pop of their hip and the glint in the eye of one of these most stunning women!

this is the link to their blog SO GOOD!

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