Thursday, September 8, 2011

Go go gadget go girls continued! ( check out blog post below!!!) xoxo

"Introducing May De Luxe!Meet May De Luxe - who thinks she may have been born in the wrong era! All May De Luxe wants to do is dance, wear sequins, talk to boys and keep her hair high and mighty. May De Luxe likes to twist, pony and shimmy like there is no tomorrow. Her signature move is the Bam-A-Lam and when she grows up she wants to be a Missy Elliott back-up dancer! "

"Introducing Pieta Go Getter!Pieta has so much energy she can Go Go all night long - and often does! Pieta Go Getter has a background as a burlesque artist, singer and all round performing star! Pieta's favoutrite moves include the Hula and the Pony - and just watching her shimmy sends the audience into a frenzy! Pieta likes entertaining in all forms and her personal mantra is: when in doubt: DANCE! "

"Introducing Hanna Havana!
She's like bam-a-lam thank you m'am! Hanna Havana's got it all going on, and loves to shake it like a flaming maraca. Her favourite moves are the Twist and the Jerk.
Hanna sparkles so much your eyes will hurt!
Hanna Havana likes shiny outfits, larger than life earrings and shakin' good times!
Hanna dislikes square and going home early. "

PLEASE NOTE - the intro's are alll fromt he girls blog page, here is the link!!! xo

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