Saturday, September 17, 2011

Studio 54 - walking on stardust

If NYC in the 1970s was the cultural epicenter of the U.S. than Studio 54 was undoubtedly the cultural epicenter of NYC; a place where the artists, actors/actresses and socialites went to play. The ‘Studio 54’ era marked the end of a very important American cultural milestone in art, fashion, music and film. While Studio 54 glamorized sex, drugs and rock n’ roll it also marked the end of an era of free love into a new era of consequences…
Now I understand Disco is not particularly the music of many peoples preference, but if we look at it like euro vision/ euro trash and just have fun with it all HOW can you go wrong.
It's always nice to have a glimpse back to what some people where up to in their "hey day".
So lets take a walk down this particular memory lane shall we? hmmmmmmmmmm?
Chin chin lovers xo

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